May 18, 2024

01.Client Challenge: Traditional Business to Digital realm


Our client runs a traditional business known as “Perfect Glazing” in Glasgow, UK where he manufactures UPVC doors and windows. So he approached us Via UpWork. Furthermore, he aimed to expand his online client base and maintain a competitive stance in the digital world. Our client had a goal to showcase bundle deals and seasonal sales on his products (doors and windows) to attract more clients to his business. However, he didn’t know how to make a website and showcase his business online. Additionally, he was especially concerned about the expenses and other user-friendly things.

wordPress Site

03. Solution

The client contacted our team and we had a chat with him to grasp what he needed. Moreover, his concern about his traditional ” Perfect Glazing” business online. Furthermore, the client asked us to create a website for his business within two to three weeks. So,after reviewing the client’s needs,our experienced team  divided a plan to create a personalized website using WordPress.

Our adept WordPress developers are committed to crafting tailor solutions that meet all of the clients needs. Likewise, to create a robust Content Policy, we cooperated to develop several content formats. Finally, we ensured mobile responsiveness through an approachable design method and extensive testing.

03. Perfect Result

Our team who has expertise in WordPress created a fantastic website for the client and surpassed his expectations.

Likewise,the website was easy to use,good for search engines and met Google’s standards for ranking. The website content appealed to people and attracted more visitors without the need for paid ads. Now ,our client has a professional-looking website made with WordPress. Additionally,it shows up at the top of Google searches and helps him to get new clients.

The new website not only showcased our client products like “door and windows “and other things relevant to his traditional  business. Our customer was greatly  pleased with the outcome. He can now sell his products online easily and compete well in the market. 

So,with his new online presence, he feels prepared to handle anything that comes his way in the online world.

Moreover, Optimized images and responsive design resulted in heightened visibility and traffic, improving SEO performance. Lastly, the platform’s compliance with Adobe’s copyright and branding guidelines earned it recognition from Adobe, boosting its industry credibility.